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Eight essential values Entrepreneurial Innovation Robustness & Integrity Communication & Teamwork Learning & Training Employees Motivation Customer Satisfaction Productivity & Profitably Stability & Sustainability establish a foundation onto which expectations and trust are built.

Market Segments


The team of Agile E-Business Solutions Ltd is continuously striving to enhance the business growth of our customers by giving them an entrepreneurial web based business solutions having best business information system strategy fitting to our clients' business plan. Our creative designs and market-defining high-quality low cost applications and systems will create value in the products and services of our clients so that they may achieve a consistent competitive advantage wherever they want in the world.


Agile E-Business Solutions Ltd is envisioned to grow constantly as a professional web based business consultancy to provide innovative and economical solutions and become prominent in the education, retail and HR businesses industries within the Bedfordshire region over the span of three years; following to this, as a web-based solution provider at international level.


The strategy of Agile E-Business Solutions LTD is entirely based on the values of the company and is keenly focused on the Employees, Customers, Products/Services and overall being Competitive Company in particular. We have developed our core competence and aligning objectives at all levels so as to realize synergy in operations

Market Segments

An effective marketing strategy helps to define the overall direction for company’s marketing program. It also details how company will bring products and services to market in ways that will satisfy the needs of customers. Agile E-Business Solutions LTD marketing strategy is based on market segmentation. Business operations are divided into three segments of e-Education, e-Retail and e-HR businesses whereas products & services are provided in accordance with further fragmentations of these segments.

Our Values

1) Entrepreneurial Innovation
2) Robustness & Integrity
3) Communication & Teamwork
4) Learning & Training
5) Employees Motivation
6) Customer Satisfaction
7) Productivity & Profitably
8) Stability & Sustainability


This segment is for established for those customers who want to provide education and/or training through electronic means. There two types of e-education business solutions which this company aims to provide; one is for those customers who will provide readymade and/or bespoke learning material, articles, guides, essays, case studies and academic assignments; second is for business customers who are in need of professional reports, Market Research, Website Contents, Business Plans and Letters.